Frequently Asked Questions

What is HOCOA?

HOCOA is a live, local membership service that connects homeowners and business owners to thoroughly screened contractors and service providers in the Lake Norman area and Cabarrus County, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All HOCOA contractors are licensed and insured.

How do I use HOCOA?

As a HOCOA member, all you have to do is make one call, and speak to a HOCOA representative about your project. HOCOA will contact the appropriate contractor or service provider(s), and have them call you at your convenience to discuss your needs. HOCOA contractors return calls, keep appointments and do great work at a fair price. We will follow up with you throughout the process to ensure your complete satisfaction. Members can also place work orders through our website. However, phone calls are the fastest way to access our service and the best way to explain exactly what you need. One of the greatest benefits of a HOCOA membership is the 24/7 emergency service. Just dial our number, any time of the day or night, and the right contractor will be dispatched to take care of your emergency. No more searching the phonebook in the middle of the night for a plumber while your hot water heater is flooding your house!

Is there a membership fee?

Yes, HOCOA offers three membership choices for homeowners: $12 per month, $99.00 1 Year, $150.00 2 Year, $180.00 3 Year. For your convenience, all memberships can auto-renew, but can be cancelled at any time with notice.

What is included in a HOCOA membership?

Your membership not only provides the convenience of 24/7 access to our network licensed, insured contractors and service providers, but also access to special pricing on: appliances, lawn mowers, grills, mattresses, HDTVs and more through Sears Commercial, as well as wholesale pricing on flooring products from ProSource Wholesale Flooring, such as carpet, vinyl, tile, stone, hardwood and laminate. HOCOA periodically offers limited-time promotions and discounts at local businesses to our members. Monthly e-newsletters announce special offers for our members.

What is a Platinum Club membership?

The Platinum Club was designed specifically for professionals. It provides access to our services and benefits, as well as unlimited 1-year memberships that can be given to clients and prospects as gifts. It works as a value-added gift and continual branding tool. Every interaction HOCOA has with the gift recipient is personalized with the Platinum Club member's name and company. This program is available monthly or annually for individuals with a minimum 6 month commitment. Please call for pricing.

What services are represented by HOCOA?

HOCOA's network includes great contractors that can do anything and everything for your home and the land it sits on, from the smallest handyman job to the largest remodeling or construction project, and everything in between. If we don't have a contractor in our network for a project you need, our partners in Charlotte surely will.

How are HOCOA Contractors screened?

All HOCOA contractors go through a stringent screening process. We check licenses, insurance and references and keep copies of all documentation on file in our office.

Why would I use HOCOA when I can just ask my neighbors for recommendations?

Friends and neighbors can be a source of referrals. However, all of the important questions about a contractor typically are not answered when finding one this way: are they licensed & insured, and have verifiable references? You can be confident that the contractors in the HOCOA network have been invited to join only after having passed the rigorous screening and interview process necessary to be recommended by HOCOA.

Can a contractor pay to join the HOCOA network?

No contractor can simply pay their way in to HOCOA. All contractors and service providers must undergo the same screening process before they are invited to join.

What happens if I have a question about a HOCOA contractor?

HOCOA is there for you throughout the project. Your satisfaction with a contractor's work is crucial to us. We have met and interviewed every contractor in the HOCOA network and we want to make sure that you are satisfied with the contractors we have referred to you. We have multiple contractors for almost every category. We work hard to make sure we match you with the right contractor to fit your needs. Your feedback to us is always appreciated!

What is the difference between a service call and a free estimate?

Plumbers, HVAC repair, appliance repairman and electricians typically have a minimum service charge equal to approximately one hour's labor (policies vary by company). Before a technician comes out to your home, their pricing should be discussed during the initial phone call. Painters, roofers, remodelers, etc. typically will provide a free estimate after they schedule an appointment to assess the work to be done. Large plumbing and HVAC projects (system replacement versus repair) usually fall into the free estimate category, and should be discussed at time of appointment call.

Can I get multiple estimates, for the same job, from different contractors in your network?

Absolutely, It's a good idea to get multiple estimates from our contractors.

Am I obligated to use the contractors listed in your network if you refer them to me?

No. Our goal is to help homeowners. You are free to get other quotes, but we are confident that our vendors will be professional and price competitive - as well as insured and licensed!

Once the job is completed, who do I pay?

Payments are always made directly to the contractors. HOCOA will not accept payment.

I want to make an addition to my home that requires a permit. Who would obtain the permit?

The homeowner or contractor can obtain the work permit.

Do I have to pay HOCOA for their services?

No. Our referral services are included in your membership.

Are the contractors listed in our network employees of HOCOA?

No. All contractors are independent business professionals.

What is HOCOA's privacy policy?

HOCOA keeps all member information confidential, and does not give, sell or share member's private information with any 3rd parties outside of the HOCOA network.

Is HOCOA'S website secure?

Yes. Your payment information, specifically your credit card identifying information, is not stored on our servers and we use secure connections to transmit your information. Identifying information is not exchanged with third parties and is used solely for the purpose of allowing you to pay conveniently here online.

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